Dr. Andrew Hughes

Dr Andrew Hughes is consultant neurologist and neurorehabilitationist at Austin Health in Melbourne where he is head of the Movement Disorders program. He has extensive experience in clinical research into movement disorders and more generally in areas of degenerative Neurology. His special areas of interest are in the more complex forms of management of Parkinson’s disease and in the use of Botulinum toxin in the treatment of focal dystonias and spasticity. He is former president of the Movement Disorders Society of Australia and member of the Scientific Advisory Committee of Parkinson’s Australia. In his free time he enjoys skiing, cycling, bushwalking and travelling.


Associate Professor Brian Chambers

A/Prof Brian Chambers is a Melbourne University graduate who trained in Neurology at the Austin Hospital, National Hospital for Nervous Disease Queen Square (London) and Sunnybrook Medical Centre (Toronto).  He has over 30 years clinical and research experience.  His clinical interests include stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, and vestibular disorders, and he provides expert opinions in a variety of medico-legal and insurance scenarios. He has hospital appointments at Austin Health, where he is head of neurovascular ultrasound, and Warringal Private.  He is a principal fellow of the University of Melbourne Department of Medicine. Previous appointments include President of the Stroke Society of Australasia and Associate Director of the National Stroke Research Institute.  He has published more than 100 articles in peer-reviewed journals.  When not working he enjoys spending time with an ever-increasing family, cycling, golf, and escaping to the countryside for some fishing.


Dr. Grant Scott

Grant Scott, originally a New Zealander, has been practising in Melbourne for over 10 years. His special interest areas include Neurophysiology, headache/migraine, multiple sclerosis, Neuromuscular disorders and Epilepsy.

Grant also enjoys golf, distance walking, playing bridge, reading and relaxing with his family.  


Associate Professor John Archer

A/Prof John Archer obtained his medical degree through the University of New South Wales in 1990. He trained in General Neurology in Sydney and Oxford, and subsequently completed a PhD in Epilepsy and Neuroimaging through Austin Hospital and The University of Melbourne in 2002. From 2002-7 he initiated and managed the neurology service at Cairns Base Hospital, whilst helping establish the medical program of James Cook University. In 2007 he was appointed Senior Lecturer in Medicine at the University of Melbourne, Neurologist and Head of EEG laboratory Austin Health, and Research Fellow The Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health. .


Dr. Marion Simpson

Dr Marion Simpson graduated from the University of Edinburgh in 2004 and migrated to Australia where she completed specialist training in Neurology at the Austin and Alfred Hospitals, with further subspecialist training in Neuroimmunology, Neurophysiology and Stroke Medicine.  She is a Consultant Neurologist at the Austin Hospital and also consults via the Victorian Stroke Telemedicine Program.  She is passionate about research and recently completed a Doctorate of Medical Science in the area of Symptomatic Treatments in Multiple Sclerosis.  She has particular interest and expertise in Multiple Sclerosis,  autoimmune neurological disease and Stroke, but is also proficient in the management of common neurological presentations such as headache, weakness, sensory disturbance, seizures and movement disorders.  In her spare time she enjoys weightlifting, growing vegetables and exploring the world with her husband and daughter.


Professor Vincent Thijs

Professor Vincent Thijs graduated from the University of Leuven, Belgium in 1995 and completed his  neurology training at the University Hospitals in Leuven and at the Stanford Stroke Center in California. He led the Stroke unit at the University Hospitals in Leuven until 2015 when he migrated to Australia.  He is the Head of Stroke at the Austin Hospital and also consults via the Victorian Stroke Telemedicine Program. He completed a Phd in Biomedical Sciences in 2004 on stroke imaging. He is the co-head of the Stroke Theme at the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health.  Vincent has a particular interest and expertise in stroke and headache, but is also proficient in the management of general neurological disorders.  In his spare time he enjoys running, watching movies and literature.